When I was young, I tried to do a research paper on Electricity, I wanted to participate in the National Science Olympiad, at that time I was in a small village, a village that it schools(Intermediate and High) contains almost ~300 students, and I think it’s clear it doesn’t contain a lab, so I decide to research in either Theoretical Physics or Mathematics, but.. I faced almost the same problem: I don’t have enough knowledge to do that. Of course, I didn’t realize that at that age, so I started to blame myself: why I’m not like those who can work either on Electricity, Physics or Mathematics? why I’m not like them? is myself-ability the problem? those days, I hurt myself both physically and emotionally because of that.

After a long journey, and moving to another city, by now I can say: myself-ability wasn’t the problem. But my education was. why? I will tell you.

The human knowledge is like stairs to the truth, and when somebody asking you to research something: you either have the tools to deal with that thing, or you have to look how others dealt with that before, so you know their mistakes to learn and add a new step to the big one.

The main stairs in our minds come from our environments and educational system, and the clearest example is our languages. We find that our languages differ depends on our environment and what we learn in elementary schools. We don’t expect from a man living in the Arab World to speak English unless he met someone who left an effect on him, that’s because “Arabs” talk “Arabic”.

The same when we become to other sciences, we shouldn’t expect anyone knows about that science unless he learns it from someone or he discovers it, but his discovery leads us to say that he either a liar(so he needs to prove!) or he already knows something before that from someone. When we become to Mathematics especially, our tools are our ideas, and our ideas need to develop and know the details well, we cannot prove a lot of Geometerical Shapes properties unless we know the Axioms of the Euclidean Geometry and some of the Logical Structures, we cannot prove that “the square of an even number is even number” if we don’t know what we mean by “square”, “even number” if we don’t know what is the Mathematical Definition of “even number”.

Many critical problems in the middle east we don’t know how to solve it, because we don’t have the tools yet to solve it, and that because nobody in our communities has that knowledge that makes him solve those problems, because of our ignorance.

By this time, I don’t blame myself. I blam my educational system and community. My ability wasn’t the problem, and I didn’t do anything wrong.